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The 80 foot long Grand Portal stretches the expanse of the main entry and is an inviting place to sit and talk and enjoy the peaceful splendor of the Taos sunrise or sunset. The most evident of the historic 1830 'preserved architectural elements' is the low overhang entrance to the grand portal and the short door to the lobby.

The whispering of our stream (acequia) traversed by the old stone bridge is a delight. Away from the busy sounds of the town, the
stillness enfolds the old adobe in Winter, while
brilliant flowers and gentle breezes greet you in the Spring.

Against the wondrous backdrop of the ever-changing color on Taos Mountain, enjoy our orchard with fruit trees and wild asparagus while breathing the fresh, clean air with the faint bouquet of pine and sweet grass.

Settle down in our sun room in front of the wood burning stove, which overlooks the flagstone courtyard. Read or nap in a hammock under a 100 foot pine tree for a moment or two, or find your own quiet spot to get away and slow down. We have lots of them.

After searching for a haven which embraced the beauty and magic of nature, we can share with you the Adobe and Pines Inn in Taos, a place we believe a wonderful discovery for your Taos romantic getaway.

As the fire leaps in the corner fireplace and shadows dance on the softly contoured adobe walls, it is more than the warmth of the fire that our guests feel. Laughter and happy voices fill the Inn. Surrounded by nature's beauty, there is a quality of relaxation and casual elegance.

Taos Inn | Taos NM Bed & BreakfastInn Amenities

  • Free Wireless Internet Access
  • Healthy & hearty locally sourced breakfast
  • Air Conditioning
  • Concierge Service
  • Spa Services
  • Complimentary Firewood
  • Acres of Country Gardens
  • Garden Lounge Areas/Hammock
  • An Extensive CD,DVD & Game Library
  • Taos Special Packages
  • Children are Welcome
  • Outdoor Fire Ring

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